About this Blog!

G’day! If you are reading this, then you have found your way to a little blog called Living Abled. You may be asking what on earth is Living Abled all about? Well my friend, in a nutshell, this blog is all about disability living, more specifically living with a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Ullrich! Not much is known about this condition, so i thought why not start a blog to talk all about it, the journey and the life lessons learnt along the way!

This is a space for everyone! Whether you are disabled, or are just interested in learning more about living life with a disability, this little blog is the place is for you!

I am hoping that through my stories and (somewhat strange) wisdom, you will be able to laugh, be motivated and perhaps learn some quirky ways you can go about life, and more importantly know a little more about MD.

Disability life impacts pretty much all areas of life. No Topic is off Limits! Each week, I will share anything from tips and tricks, stories, encouragement, travel experience, routines and motivational blogs. So if you want me to talk about something that interests you or you want to know more about please let me know!!!!!! This blog is a collaboration with you, so please shoot ideas my way!

Please share this blog with all your friends and lets create a little community!

Happy reading!

P.s. I know that asking questions can be uncomfortable without the added pressure of it potentially ending up in a blog post, so I am always available to chat via my social media platforms, so come and find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! I even do sneaky live streams and answer your questions! Just click the little symbols below to join the LA community!

See you soon!

Rhi xox