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The Tony Robbins Experience: The most incredible 4 days ever!

Hello my friends! I am back from a little break! I have had writers block which is always fun. But also, I had a little adventure last week. Yours truly signed up for and enjoyed a 4 day Tony Robbins Seminar! If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is …………….. Well just google him ok!

So I thought I would walk you through my experience and how it has changed my outlook!

You may be thinking ‘Rhi you are a dead set legend with a bloody awesome outlook, what more could you have got from this event’. Oh my dear friends, you have never been to a Tony Robins Seminar then! And believe me there were a lot of skeletons that needed to be cleaned out and dealt with once and for all!

If you don’t know what was involved, it was a 4 day and 4 night immersive seminar with Tony and some of his incredible coaches. They were 14 hour days starting from 9:45 in the morning, finishing at 11:30pm and I wasn’t in bed until around 12:30 -1:00am! They were monster days full of dancing like your life depended on it , exercising , crying, laughing, visualising and yelling and scaring the neighbours…. Sorry neighbours.

So without further a do let’s get started!

My Tony Robbins breakthrough.

My wooden board with all my new beliefs on it. they are: I am strong, resilient, beautiful, worthy of love, powerful, faithful, spontaneous, graceful, equestrian, radiant, happy, fun, powerful STRONG!
My new beliefs!

The first day I was a bundle of nerves. I was scared about what Tony would uncover deep within me that I had buried. I was super self conscious of dancing because it was an online experience where your camera had to be on!

We learnt about our ‘favourite flavours of suffering’ and what has been holding us back for too long!. What I discovered was the beginning of a lot of self-love. You may be thinking if I am writing a blog then I have all the self love and confidence I could want. Well to be honest like everyone I have days and those same pesky mental demons everyone else has!

Tony delved deep and found what I was struggling with internally. The need to control and predict every situation and the need to feel significant. When you are disabled you put so much pressure on yourself to be significant because it almost feels like that it is what society expects of you in order to take up ‘real estate’ on the footpath.

Half way through the first day, I got a phone call. The call was to say that I had essentially lost my casual job. I will never forget being on the phone losing my job with Tony’s voice in my ear talking about emotions and energy. I had two seconds of a meltdown and then quickly got up and danced like I had never before! It was well and truly a new beginning!

That first night we had to do the one thing I had been dreading. The board break. It was a legit ¼ inch or almost 1cm thick wooden board. We wrote our limiting beliefs on it and our new beliefs on the back and proceeded to break that thing! I broke mine on the second attempt! I posted my board break on insta and will post in of facebook soon! The motion of the board break proved everything in life is mental and barely physical..  The fact that I broke that board still blows me away.

Lessons learnt.

A bunch of things that was used during the seminar! My broken board with my new beliefs on the front (radient, fun, happy, strong, beautiful and resilient). The Work book we went through and a thank you note to Tony Robbins and his team.
Workbook, broken board and a thankyou to Tony Robbins and his team!

I could go on and on and on about this event. If you are ever thinking to go on a journey with Tony Robbins, Do it.

For me personally, this experience has changed my life and it has only been one week since I started the seminar.

I learnt just how much my body and mind can handle. I was barely tired and on a energy high the whole time.

One of my limiting beliefs going in was that my disability caused people pain and held people back. But this event made me see even more that my disability is a blessing and has allowed me and my family to go on some incredible adventures. Tony made me see I am worthy of being loved and that means I need to love myself!

The energy and the happiness I felt was contagious and it carried me through to enable me to hand my key in at work with gratitude and love. Perhaps the biggest thing this event taught me was exactly that! Love and Gratitude! I was offered to stay on and volunteer but I am ready to start my new chapter.

I am not sure what that is yet but that is ok. The last few days I have done the mind priming exercises Tony taught us and have been able to exercise and not feel guilty for not doing more. The self love I feel and the gratitude I feel towards my body and my disability is something I can’t describe.

I have found my love for myself again. I wouldn’t trade my disability for nothing.

-Rhi xo

if you are interested this is the priming exercise we did. It may look weird but it is amazing when done right.

pps. if you would like me to share exactly what we did over the 4 days and my new habits and routines let me know in the comments!! I could write about this for days!

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