The amazing journey that is disability…Welcome!

Is this thing on? Hello? Anyone there? Oh G’day!
I am glad you have found this little hidden gem in the realm we like to call the internet.
This is Living Abled! A blog where we can come together to laugh, smile, be inspired and sometimes cry about life! In particular, the journey that is disability.
I hope that in the weeks and months ahead you will be able to laugh, and fall more in love with yourself, and feel abled instead of disabled!

Who on Earth am I?

Disability is a journey that can be amazing. Welcome to Living Abled!
Photo by Simon Clayton from Pexels

Oh my word, how rude am I for not introducing myself! You are probably sitting there going ‘who on earth is this creature?!’
To kick things off, my name is Rhiannon, but I feel that is a bit too formal, so you can call me Rhi.

I am a born and bred Australian, and a massive AFL (Australian Rules Football) nerd. Please for the sake of our relationship, do not talk to me about Rugby League. Just kidding! I love all sports, just as much as I love a good book and a movie.

I absolutely love Australia, and am proud to be a Vegemite loving Aussie. BTW it pronounced ‘Auzzie’ for all you Americans. Yes I do cringe every time someone pronounces it wrong. Or when someone tries to eat a whole spoonful of Vegemite in one go.. Please just don’t do it!

Are there any fellow Aussies in the house?! Let me know on my social media pages or by commenting below!

Disabled? Wait What!

 Photo by Ann H from Pexels

I am also disabled. I know right! Shocker! I was born with Muscular Dystrophy. I would be here all day if I tried to explain what it is. Basically my muscles are lacking in collagen which means I don’t gain a lot of muscle mass or strength. My muscles will also become weaker as I get older. However that is a long way away yet touchwood!

Oh and don’t get me started with opening jars! But I am sure you all have had issues with opening jars that are stubborn? Right? I mean come on! Why can’t the jars come with a funky opening utensil for free! Now that would be awesome!

The Journey

Photo by gya den from Pexels

You may be asking ‘what is the one thing we have in common with this chick?’. I think we will find that as we go on, we will all have something in common.

I hope this blog can be some form of inspiration for you all.
Whether you stumbled across this blog in a google black hole (hello and welcome earthling), you are a parent or carer, family member of a disabled person, cancer patient or disabled yourself. I hope this page helps you in some way.

Or maybe you are interested in reading something else other than COVID-19 updates. Am I Right?
Oh COVID.. (drifts off into remembering life before the world had a life threatening virus hovering like a Vulture)


I hope that wherever you are in the world, this blog brings you some sense of community.
Life truly is a roller-coaster, but what we learn and find out about ourselves in the process will never go to waste.
I also hope that together, we can reduce the stigma of disability in the community, and show that we are all abled in our own special way.

I am ready to go on this crazy journey that is blogging with you all, if you are willing to jump on the roller-coaster with me.
Are you ready?

See you soon!
Peace and love,
Rhi. Xo

P.s. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with everyone, and come find me on Social Media!

P.P.S. all photos used in this post came from Pexels. They have awesome photos for you to use free of charge. Until I can get some good shots myself, they will be used. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The amazing journey that is disability…Welcome!”

  1. Love your blog Rhi ( but I still think of you as my little Rhiannon from Year 3!!)
    I’m looking forward to joining you on this journey which will be a lovely learning experience. Thank you for sharing it. ?

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