Lumps, Bumps and Scars: The Stories they hold.

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How many of you have scars? The dreaded ‘C’ word?… not that one. Cellulite I am talking here. Or stretchmarks? I am sure every one of us have what the beauty world likes to call ‘imperfections’.

let me ask you another question. How do those marks make you feel about yourself? Strong, like you have gone through a lot of sh*t, embarrassed or even self conscious??

Today I want to talk about Injuries and Battlescars, and why you should honour them like a gold medal.

My Scars and Marks

A picture of my scoliosis scar. my hair is pulled up and you can just see the yellow of my dress. not pictured unfortunately or fortunately for you is my gall bladder scars!
Showing off the scar since 2012

I have approximately 9 scars on my body, cellulite and hundreds of fine silver looking stretch marks.

My first scar is my muscle biopsy scar I got when I was about 2 or 3 years old! It is a constant reminder of sitting in a hospital room with weird looking blue aliens trying to calm me down as my parents had only been notified of me being in recovery and were still on there way from the waiting room.

Then I became a klutz and would fall constantly which meant scabs on my knees almost 24/7. to save you from throwing up your last meal, I will skip the gory details, but basically I have nice little scars on my knees now due to my annoyance of the body taking its sweet time to heal.

The big one runs 3/4 down my spine. Yep that is right my scoliosis scar! It will be 10 years next month since that surgery! If you want to read more about that nice experience click the link here

Then followed a love-bite mark from my dog (never sit on the floor with a mouthy puppy ever), gall bladder removal scars and 2 scars on my head from me still not learning that I am not completely made of steel just yet.

So you could say you can play connect the dots with the amount of scars.

How I feel about them

a book with pages open. A nice symbol of what scars represent for me.
Photo by Caio from Pexels

So many people have varying reactions or feelings towards their scars, or marks. That is totally understandable!

However, for me, I like to view them as a chapter in this crazy book we call life!

Each scar, stretchmark, cellulite dimple has its own unique story. They show you where you were at in your life.

For some people the idea of having these reminders can be difficult and that is ok. However, these marks also serve as a reminder of how far you have come in your journey. That alone should always be celebrated.

I am so proud of my scars, dimples and fine stretch marks. In fact, last year I had an event to go to and I particularly said I didn’t want to cover up my scar. It is a part of me and at that time in my life gave me a taste of pushing myself in the exercise department but also just how resilient my body actually is.

I don’t hate any scar or mark on my body. They are a part of me and I guess shows me just how tough I can be.

Love your marks

A heart carved into sand on a beach. a wave is just starting to cover the heart
Photo by Ashley Williams from Pexels

In today’s world, with all the airbrushed, photo shopped pictures popping up in adverts, billboards, or even models on runway shows that are one type with not a mark on them, it is hard to love ourselves for who we are.

We have so much expectation put on us by either ourselves or by the public to look and act a certain way. Cellulite is taboo just as much as stretchmarks and scars are just hated.

Advertising companies and the fashion industry forget that there is more than just one type of body out there. There are millions that deserve to be celebrated in whatever shape they come. No matter how many bumps, lumps and marks they have on them.

Remember this, you are beautiful scars and all. These ‘imperfections’ are like a fingerprint and what makes you your own unique individual.

I hope you can find a place where you look at your scars and go ‘how I got through that and this is a reminder of how strong I was’.

Look after yourself


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