Life Coaching

Living Abled has gone from starting out as just a little blog, to now offering Coaching to anyone who is willing to discover what it means to live a life that is unapologetically theirs!

No two lives are the same, but everyone deserves to live a life that has no regrets and is full of peace and wonderment!

That is where Rhi at Living Abled comes in! With 24 years experience of living with a progressive and degenerative disability, a bachelor’s Degree in Law with Honours, and currently studying a Diploma of Life Coaching (majoring in Health and Wellness) (grad 2024), Rhi has been able to use her lived experiences to make major steps towards a no regrets life for herself, and others close to her.

Life Coaching is a relatively old concept, but has become a popular self-development service in recent years. Unlike Psychology, Life Coaching is a more goal orientated approach.

Your Life Coach won’t tell you what needs to be done or what you are doing wrong; rather, they will work with you to create goals unique to you and your life’s ambitions and be with you every step of the way to achieve those personal goals. A lot of self discovery work is also done in sessions to really get a deeper understanding of any road blocks that may be hindering your progress in achieving the life you want, or reaching your goals.

Rhiannon is ready to join you as your cheerleader on your journey to discovering a new version of yourself. You don’t have to be disabled to have Rhiannon in your corner!

So if you are ready and willing to take a giant leap into self-development and need a little extra accountability, a cheer leader, a support person to be there for you, then Rhiannon is your person!

Living Abled currently offers life coaching for those who need help with, or are experiencing any of the following:

  • disability/ disease management
  • newly diagnosed with cancer/ disability or other chronic illnesses
  • restarting life from narcissistic abuse/ domestic violence
  • relationship issues
  • needing a lifestyle change
  • struggling to reach your goals

Click the button below to schedule an initial session, or alternatively email at or reach out via social media for more information!