Inner Animal: Climbing your Summit and Unleashing the Motivation Beast!

G’day everyone and welcome to another week and another blog.

This week for me has all been about rehab and trying to get moving again.

When you are injured constantly or in my case disabled, there are times when you need to find that inner animal to achieve your own version of Mount Everest.

Now, everyone’s version of Mount Everest is completely different and should never be compared.

For me, the Summit has always been managing and living with Muscular Dystrophy.

At times, it seems impossible to cope and you feel like you are stuck at base camp for what feels like eternity. Other times is full steam ahead and you reach the Hillary Step quicker than you thought.. And then at times bad weather comes it and you have to retreat all the way to at least camp 2 and have to start the grueling climb all over again. That is when you have to release that inner animal.

Everyone’s life is different, but how you find that inner animal makes all the difference.

But first rehab

A photo from my recovery after spinal surgery. I am in a purple checked shirt and black shorts with a grey walker. My inner animal I feel was born during this time.
old photo from spinal surgery recovery. But same same

I started my ‘rehab’ if you will this week. It was surprising to say the least. I was expecting to be able to do a bit more than what I did. I have gone from doing an 11.5kg cable row to now only rowing a resistance band. Humble brag, but it has taken me two years to reach that weight.

My knee has also started to play up and so that rules out most leg workouts. I have also had other things go on in my life recently which has added to the beautiful mess that is life at the moment.

So how do you find that inner animal when you feel like everything is starting to go against you?

I find you either have 2 choices, you can either sit and dwell or you can get to work.

For me, I have spent the last week and a bit just resting and perhaps eating my feelings too well. But I am not punishing myself for that!

It was nice to just get moving again in the gym and have a plan of attack sorted with my physio and EP.

In fact, I am really looking forward to starting from scratch and building my way back up again. I know it will be a long journey, but that is where the inner animal comes in.

What is your inner animal??

A male lion staring off to the side of the camera. There is a black background behind him to give the full epic effect
Photo by Alexas Fotos:

You may be wondering what is your inner animal, or maybe you have heard of it. I believe everyone has their own inner animal.

The definition or meaning I put on that inner animal, is something that you can tap into when you need some extra motivation or encouragement.

It’s that fire within the gut that propels you forward when things are not going in your favour. Whether it be a difficult session at the gym, a tricky job meeting, struggling during a game of your favourite sport. Practically anything in life it is there for you.

Yes, basically that inner animal is motivation and determination combined into one.

We all at times need to unleash that inner animal to get us through situations that feel like we are climbing Mount Everest (yes the Summit saying continues.. I am not apologising for it!)

Why is my inner animal helpful

A photo from my 5km walk. I am in a pink tank top, and black exercise leggings and shoes. I am smiling and giving a thumbs up to the camera. There is a sign in chalk on the concrete in front of me saying 'You can do it'

Like I said before, it is literally motivation and determination.

When you are disabled I often find you have two choices; either sit and play the pity card forever, or starting working your disability and create the life that you deserve.

For me, I spent many years on option a. I would always complain about things being too hard, or that x y z sucks. I never did my physio as I said it was too hard.

I got to a point just after high school where I wasn’t looking after my body and I mentally felt drained. I knew I had to make a choice about whether I was going to stay in that position or change.

I realised that there were multiple times that I had called on my inner animal, but I didn’t know how to continuously speak to it. If that makes any sense.

So as I started to gain confidence in myself, my worth started improving and I started to become more motivated and determined in life.

I started treating my body better, invested in my mental health and invested in relationships that were valuable to me.

it helped me during my scoliosis surgery recovery, training and completing my 5k, each time i go to the gym, getting through uni, and dealing with tricky situations.

For me, the inner animal is a mindset, a tool you use and develop. Everything I do, I try and use my inner animal. Each situation it is telling me I can do this, find the process and I will not be less, and I am capable.

That last saying has probably just come from allowing myself to be treated as a door mat. Not anymore my friends!

Because at the end of the day, I know my worth and I deserve to enjoy a good life. I deserve and am worth to be healthy, strong as I can be and enjoy the things like working, horse riding, and even just walking on the sand at the beach!

So instead of looking at this recovery phase with dread, I am looking at it with excitement and determination.

What is your inner animal, and how do you use it? Let me know!!

Till next week!

Rhi xo.

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