I did something crazy: MPC 2022!

G’day my friends and welcome to another week and another blog post!

Last month I did something crazy. I know you are probably so used to me saying this by now. And you are probably all like ‘can she just stop already!’. Sorry not sorry!

But, I love a good challenge and naturally am super competitive, so I couldn’t just go with one challenge this year!

Since doing the 5km last year which you can read all about here https://livingabled.com.au/run-for-strength-my-insane-journey-to-5km/ I have really fallen in love with doing things that challenge me but also are good for my body. I absolutely hate being idle and not challenging myself. Don’t get me wrong though I love nothing more than sitting on the beach or reading on the couch with the fire going, but not all day every day.

So you may be asking, what is this new challenge?

Well my friends I have signed up to My Peak Challenge!

What is MPC?

so perhaps many of you are asking what on earth is MPC?

Basically it is a Charity Organisation that helps you while giving back to charity!

They provide you with all the tools to lead your best life like workouts, meal plans and much much more, and in return part of your membership fee goes towards a charity for the year. Epic right?!

But perhaps the best thing about MPC is the community. I feel like I have found my people, and a place where I don’t feel judged, and are uplifted by, and can uplift thousands of other people within the community.

Check it out here! https://www.mypeakchallenge.com/

Why did I decide to sign up?

my confirmation to join MPC for this year on my laptop.
No turning back!

Like I said before, I am super competitive, and in the last 12 months I have really enjoyed working towards a physical goal; whether that be training for a 5km or getting stronger and more mobile to ride horses on the weekends.

I have also been feeling like I haven’t been working out as well as I would have liked, and my PB’s at the gym had stalled in the last month or so.

My diet I would say wasn’t super consistent, and food positivity is something that I have struggled with for a while now, and I was after a way to get on better terms with food.

So you could definitely say I had a few reasons why I wanted to sign up and really challenge myself this year.

How am I as a disabled woman going to approach this challenge?

My smartwatch on my wrist showing my workout details from last week. the time was 42mins 15s with 300kcal burned in that time with a maximum heart rate of 220bpm
Not too bad of a workout!

Believe me I ask myself this question a lot! practically the question I ask myself constantly begins in ‘how?’.

This challenge was no different. Especially with the workout component!

However, over the last 12 months specifically, I have arrived at a place mentally that the idea of modifying doesn’t make me feel like rubbish anymore. That took many years to get rid of that element of my competitiveness. I always felt that if I didn’t do the workout as written then I wasn’t good enough and it was a poor effort. Crazy right?!

However, since working out while being in tune with my body, modifications have become my bestie and that is what enabled me to get through my 30 day yoga challenge! And you can read all about that here! ………..

So approaching this challenge was no different. I used the yoga challenge to see where I was at with my self-discipline to actually ‘turn up’ for class everyday. Once I proved to myself that, yes, the self-discipline was there, and I didn’t beat myself up mentally for modifying every class, I knew I could sign up for MPC.

I plan to continue to listen to my body, to determine what it needs in regards to food, exercise and most importantly REST! I am in no race with anyone, and it is up to me to make this challenge my own. Which is what MPC is all about!

One Month Down, 11 to go!

photo of me trying to do the logo of MPC2022 as it is an upside down logo. I am in a black sports bra and the blinds behind me are closed. I am smiling at the camera.
attempting to do the MPC2022 logo

So by the time this blog goes live, I will almost be finished my first month.

How am I going you may ask? well! Incredibly well thus far! The first week and a half was torture getting my body used to the new exercises. Before MPC, I thought I knew what working out was, but I learnt very quickly that I did not know what it was like to truly workout! I was a sweaty mess after the warm up each day!

My lower back flared up again, which it always does with any knew activity or a reduction in activity. I knew it would sort itself out, I just had to find that gear mentally to get through it.

This week I saw the changes start to appear! I hit massive PB’s in the gym during my exercise physiologist appointment. My leg pressed improved to an unassisted start which I have struggled with on the second weight level. My rows and pull downs got back to PB level after months of trying and rarely needed to fix my grip!

Getting on the treadmill yesterday I noticed a difference in the strength and stamina of my legs. And my back is behaving itself for the time being thanks to my physio!

For the last 2 weeks, I have been sticking to the meal plan, which has been a big help to not worry about macro counting as that is a little rough area for me personally but I am working on it!

And perhaps the biggest change of all… I managed to get out of the bathtub on my own for the first time in about 13 years! Usually I need help getting in and getting out. But not the other night! I was so happy.

I have found my people. Who cheer at your successes, and lift you up during your challenging days. The MPC community and also the challenge as a whole is second to none.

What MPC has taught me so far is a little self-belief and confidence goes along way. I honestly feel my workouts are going well because I tell myself I will crush it and I feel stronger mentally. Same goes for getting out of the bath. I envisioned it and told myself I was capable and said ‘heck lets just give it a go’.

I know this mindset will not work for everybody. But for me, MPC has already taught me my body is capable of doing so much more, and the only thing that was my hindrance was thinking I couldn’t do whatever it was because ‘my body won’t be able to do it’. I didn’t even try.

So my word for this challenge is ‘Try’.

Do you know what your body and mind is truly capable of? Sometimes you don’t know until you try.

I cannot wait to see where I am able to go to with this challenge!

Rhi xo.

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