Home Alone: How I crush being on my own

G’day my friends and welcome to another week and another blog post!

I am no stranger to being by myself, in fact I love my alone time. As I am sure any human does. However, when I am by myself for a few days I am one of those people who stare into the abys and feels like time is going on super slo mo.

That is what happened on my Staycay Vacay which you can read up on here if you missed it http://Photo by Nandhu Kumar: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-stackable-stone-decor-at-the-body-of-water-312839/

Last week, my parents went away for the weekend and I stayed at home by myself and my fury four legged companion for 3 days. It is very rare that I am home overnight by myself. Usually I am at home by myself for the day until everyone comes home at 5:30pm. Which to me is the perfect balance between alone time and company!

I have always maintained that I am happy being alone. But sometimes when you have a house that is too big for one person, it is very strange but the feeling of being alone is heightened in a way.

This time round my laptop decided that it would say goodbye and so I was without the thing that I practically live on. I was lucky enough to borrow mum’s computer which gave me chance to test out a computer for nothing! A Win for productivity but not so much a win for my Bank Account as I ended up purchasing something identical to hers!

So I thought without much more rambling that I would take you through my weekend and what I did to set up my home to make it as accessible as possible, and the things I learnt during my alone time. If you aren’t learning what is the point to life right?

Lets talk set up

being alone has its perks. A photo of my paint by numbers canvas. There are all different tones of blues, purples, oranges, pinks, and tans that is forming the colour of inside a wave looking into the sunset. I have paints a glass of water and brushes on the bottom left and a glass of wine and a cheese platter on the right.
Perhaps the highlight of my weekend. Even though I was feeling under the weather, I will always enjoy some cheeses and painting!

When it comes to accessibility, my home is practically perfect in every way. I can go anywhere I want (with the exception of the back yard but why would I even go out there in winter anyway?!) and everything for the most part is on a level I can reach.

The only adjustments I had to make was ensuring that everything I could possibly need from a food point of view was sorted, and that Milly’s food was up on the laundry side so that I could reach it.

A food point of view you may ask? Well I had ordered grocceries on the Wednesday before my folks went away, with everything I might want to eat. I decided I was going to spoil myself, so got a nice cheese selection, Proscuitto and a bottle of Sav blanc (alcohol free unintentionally, but I couldn’t be bothered to drag everyone out to a Bottle-O for one bottle of Wine). I also included a few frozen meals for lunch or dinner options and ordered enough ingredients to make my parents a nice dinner when they got home. Adulting for the Win!

I also purchased another electric heater for the cold nights, as I couldn’t use the wood heater due to the wood being so darn heavy! But that was an easy fix of getting my parents to put several logs on right before they left. There were still coals heating the house up when I went to bet at 10:30pm that night, so I call that a big win for warmth!

Oh and another super important detail, I have my scooter put together just incase I desperately need to get out to the corner store or if for whatever reason I need to get out. I also have neighbours as facebook friends so I am sure I would be able to contact them in case of an emergency.

Its the little things that make life all the difference when you are living alone! I am also lucky to have at my disposal all my gadgets that make independent life a breeze! to read what that is, be sure to head to my other blog https://livingabled.com.au/disabled-into-abled-quirky-tips-and-tricks/

Combat the blues

Someone sitting on a park bench under a tree alone with their back to the camera
Photo by Jeswin Thomas https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-sitting-on-bench-under-tree-1280162/

My first day I struggled with the alone blues. I felt like the day dragged on forever and I kept checking the time every few minutes.

I was almost flipping a coin when deciding what to have for lunch, or what to do when. My options were endless it was overwhelming! And don’t get me started on night time! Does any one else get anxious of a night time when they are alone??

However, it challenges you to listen to what you actually want, and what you want to do, and to learn how to control your mind a little bit.

Once I got through the first night, the rest of the time was a breeze! Even the evening was a bit better!

Always be grateful

a love heart made out of yellow sunflower petals on a grey floor
Photo by Bich Tran:https://www.pexels.com/photo/heart-shape-yellow-flower-petals-947925/

One of my goals this year was to continually check in and take stock of my blessings.

This weekend was no exception. So many of us, regardless of ability, are stuck in a ‘glass half-empty’ mentality. We constantly compare our lives to others, constantly complain, and we fail to take a moment to be grateful for what we have. Some of the most poorest people and most ‘disadvantaged’ have been proven to be the most happy. I truly believe that is because they recognise the importance of gratitude.

I am truly grateful to still be able to live as independently as I can. I recognise not everyone has that luxury or will have that luxury to be able to live by themselves for a few days without help.

When you are disabled, you get very good at adapting and making life your own. How you go from one moment to the next is super important, and taking time to enjoy the little things (even if that is a good glass of alcohol free wine and cheeses after downing a bowl of carbonara and garlic bread) is so important.

I am grateful that my parents feel so comfortable and recognise the importance of going away just them to give them time to recharge, but also to give me time to be by myself and feel completely independent.


a tower of black rocks balanced on top of each other in a river
Photo by Nandhu Kumar: http://Photo by Nandhu Kumar: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-stackable-stone-decor-at-the-body-of-water-312839/

Each time I am alone for extended periods of time, it teaches me new things about myself, and shows me areas to work on.

Even though it take a little more planning and preparation for me to be by myself for extended periods of time, l am glad that I was able to have a weekend to myself and gave me a taste of living by myself.

I came to the realisation that living at home isn’t a bad thing, and I wouldn’t change my circumstances for the world!

till next time,


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