Gratitude: the special gift of life.

G’day folks and welcome to another week and another blog!!

I can’t believe we are almost at the end of winter, which means warm weather is upon us! Even the weather at the moment has a touch of warmth to it! I feel for those who will be under a pile of snow come September or October. Enjoy the warmth while you can! The gratitude is immense right now!

A couple of days ago, I posted something on Facebook and Instagram that went nuts (my version of nuts anyway! If something get’s 8 or more likes on Insta it is mind blowing!). I posted about essentially my life, and showing people that a disability is not who you are but a part of who you are. Again, crazy right?

When I flicked through the messages, and the likes, I had a massive realisation! This year marks 19 years since I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy! Even though I have had MD my whole 22 years of life, 19 years ago was the answer no one was prepared for.

However, after listening to countless motivational videos, reading tons of inspiring books, and even binging Tony Robbins, I have arrived at a place of gratitude! I know it is a complete shock!

You might be thinking why would I, be full of gratitude for having a life that seems so dependent on others and bound by limitations. Well my friend if you are thinking that, you couldn’t be further from the truth!!!

So, I thought I would share a bit about these 19 years and why I am full of gratitude!

My Disability has shaped me into who I am!

I know it is in the title, and it sounds weird especially after I just said that disability isn’t who you are.

And it isn’t completely who I am.

What I am saying is, if it wasn’t for not only my disability, but experiencing loss of loved ones, the good old young love heartbreak, and seeing my strength decline, I wouldn’t be as mentally strong as I am today! I guess you could say my mental state can sometimes be like a hungry Lion but other times be the complete opposite!

Each hardship you face, builds you and shapes you into the person you are if you choose to use it for good.

Each journey I went through hasn’t been easy sure. Let’s face it is life was sunshine and daisies you would never grow and instead stay a tiny little kitten. Like the analogy?? *meow*

Gratitude for the Journey!

three pictures of me at different stages of life, The first one is at Christmas and i am pretending to lick a lollipop, the next i am smiling at the camera at football,  and the last one i am smiling again at the camera in a white shirt and checked blazer- the picture of gratitude
I just love this too much to only have it in one blog post!

It is no surprise by now that everyone has a different journey. My journey has been full of twists and turns, highs and lows. Every moment of my journey thus far has taught me something. Whether the lesson was in humility, realistic expectations or even to lighten up and have some fun!

Everything in life has a purpose one way or another. It may not seem like it, but I can assure you it does!

The first 10 years of my life was bloody tricky! In a way it made be grow up faster then anyone should. It perhaps made me a bit too serious at times. I had experienced loss, joy, struggle, bullies… basically a lot!

The next 10 or so…. Well it was simply amazing. It taught me to enjoy life, be less serious and that it was good to laugh at weird jokes! I went through surgeries, more loss, rehab, but also a lot of gains. And that right there is enough to experience some serious gratitude!

The journey never ends!

Gratitude-the Experiences!

It is safe to say that the biggest thing I am grateful for is the experiences I have had! If it wasn’t for my disability, I don’t think I would have experiences as much as I have!

I have been an ambassador for an incredible organisation, fundraised a lot, spoken at some amazing events and even attended a movie Premier! Oh and yes lets not forget the amazing seats at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, and the great parking spaces and fancy toilets!

Even though yes some of the experiences aren’t all spectacular like the ones I mentioned, I honestly don’t know who I would have become without them.

It is funny, but I honestly don’t know who I would be without a disability. I have often thought about having professional photos taken and have them photoshop my arms straight to see what I would look like. To be honest, I don’t know if I would like what I saw if that happened.

Even though I say the disability isn’t who you are, you can probably say it is certainly a big part of who you are, and for some it may even be their identity. I think I would have a massive identity crisis if I woke up tomorrow without a disability!

All in all, after a long time, I have finally got to a place that is so full of gratitude that I am pretty much beaming like SpongeBob! The first 2 chapters or decades are over, and I can say I am so keen to see what the next chapter is like… Perhaps a Horse show or competition here and there? A Youtube Channel? A PHD? Ha yeah that last one will be a bit of a stretch but who knows!

Being grateful is better than being resentful.

See you next week! Stay safe.


If you want to know more about how i got to this place, especially in the last 12 months then you certainly will need to check out this blog post

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