Disability Pride! Let’s Crush the stigma- My journey to pride!

G’day my friends and welcome to another week, another blog and Disability Pride month!

For a lot of the 1 billion people world wide who have disabilities, being ‘unique’ is sometimes viewed in a negative way, leading to the feeling of not being proud of your journey and your disability. That couldn’t be furthest from the truth my friends!

I am here to tell you why you should hold your head up high! Now, this isn’t just directed at disabled people, I also want to direct it to anyone who has gone through a terrible time with their health; whether it be cancer, a leaky gut, IBS, acne, mental health, PTSD. Anything at all, I am talking to you guys!

Disability Pride: What I wish I knew growing up

Me and Mark Vincent at a Montrose Access Fundraising event circa early 2010s.

Growing up, Disability Pride was never talked about. If people talked about disability, they would take pitty or say ‘wow you are just doing so well!’. Usually it was condescending and borderline uncomfortable I could almost hear the crickets!

I wish I had someone tell me that my disability isn’t something to be ashamed of but something to be celebrated! Being disabled you go through a lot of doom and gloom, sometimes you just needed a little bit of encouragement and celebrating! After all, your body is put through a lot, shouldn’t you be allowed to feel proud of everything you have achieved, and treat it like the temple it is?? Also can I just say, isn’t it great that more people are acknowledging and celebrating Disability Pride and Para-Sports and achievements!?

So, i am passing on my new found knowledge to you! The sooner you can accept the cards you have been dealt with and use them to your advantage, and find the simple and happy things in life, is the day you really experience Disability Pride!

Disability Pride: Celebrate the little things!

At the height of my Disability Pride! I am standing on a concrete path with the words you can do it written on it in chalk. I am wearing black shoes, white tank top and blue hat. I am smiling in the direction of the camera
Walk with Me Fundraiser this year! I celebrated and felt grateful for every step I took to finish this 5km!

One of the best things that can come from being disabled is the fact that you learn very quickly to think on your feet! You need to adapt to your surroundings and really come up with clever ways to do everyday tasks!

I for one always need to come up with quirky ways to do things! Last night I was freezing and wanted to put on some bed socks. Usually I can’t put on socks by myself. Unless they are anklets, I usually have no hope. I ain’t no pretzel thanks to the titanium framework!

However, I decided that I didn’t want to get frost bite and thought I would give it a go!

I rolled the socks on itself so it wasn’t as long, placed it on the floor and then wriggled my toes into the opening. This is where the ingenuity came in! I used the right angles on a book shelf to roll the sock up foot and past my ankle! This then allowed me to pull up the sock the rest of the way! It took me 15 minutes to do, but at least my feet were toasty!

The Disability Pride was real in that moment! So please celebrate all the little achievements and little wins! They add up over time trust me!

Check out another post about how else i do things! https://livingabled.com.au/disabled-into-abled-quirky-tips-and-tricks/

Why you need Disability Pride!

This was taken when I was just starting to really love my journey!

When you go through trying times, the one thing that gets forgotten is self-worth. You become so judgmental, and pick yourself to pieces!

Disability Pride aims to destroy that feeling!

You should be so proud of what you have accomplished in your life!

Sure you may have physical or mental battle scars, and may need to do things a little bit differently. But those things should be celebrated.

Be proud of the journey you have had to embark on! Be proud of those scars and they way you go about life!

Everyday I practice a little gratitude! I remember what I have achieved, what I am working on and even the little bumps in the road.

Not many people can say they have gone through as much as what you have. Disability breeds a type of person who knows the definition of grit! You are forced to go through uncertainty and forced to grow and change constantly. No one else can say that they have done that more than once!

Don’t you think it is time to start show yourself some Disability Pride!? I think so!

Rhi xo.

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