Hi there, and welcome to Living Abled! 

Living Abled started as a blog back in June 2020. I always had a passion for writing and sharing my story of living with Muscular Dystrophy. As my mental health took a deep dive in 2020, my Psychologist recommended that I put my energy into something creative. And with that, Living Abled was born!

I had no intention of Living Abled becoming a business; it was only meant to be a side hobby while I continued to become a Lawyer.  

Becoming a Lawyer was the only avenue I felt could allow me to help people when they needed it most, and the only avenue that didn’t matter if I had a disability or not. That was until I started blogging. 

I very quickly fell in love with writing and helping people through their life journey, whether with a disability or other trials and tribulations. I realised that Living Abled had the potential to help so many more people if it became a Life Coaching business. 

And so with that, on the 1st of November 2023, Living Abled was officially launched as a Life Coaching business. 

Life Coaching offers the ability to assist people in setting and reaching their goals while undertaking some serious self-development at the same time. 

I have seen first-hand the amazing opportunities, lessons, and life that life coaching offers the person seeking it. I am so excited to be able to use my 24 years of lived experience of having a disability and overcoming self-esteem issues, body image issues, and other difficult issues to help those who feel like they need someone in their corner and help not only put themselves together but to become stronger, confident, and feel like their life is fun and purposeful again. 

Living Abled as a name is all about finding what it means to live a life authentically yours and a life you are proud to live in whatever way that is to you! 

No two lives are the same, just like the ability of one person is entirely different to another. So why try to live a life for someone else? Living Abled is about living a life of freedom, uniqueness, pride, and authenticity. 

If you want that for your life, Living Abled is offering two weeks of free coaching as an introduction offer!   

I am so excited to be in your corner and help you find another level to life you didn’t know was possible! 

Welcome to Living Abled. 

Feel free to reach out via my socials @Living_Abled on Instagram or Living Abled on Facebook, or flick me an email on Rhi@livingabled.com.au