A new era of Living Abled

G’day friends, welcome to another week and perhaps the most exciting post I have done in a while!!!

This is a rather long one but bare with me!

I have been umming and arring for many months about whether or not I should actually be making a post such as this! But I have started asking myself the question, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”. And so, I am doing exactly that right now!!

Before I delve into the new era, I feel it is best to rewind a bit.

It is no secret by now that I started the Living Abled Blog in 2020 after my Psychologist recommended it. I honestly had no idea where it would go. It simply started as a healthy outlet for me during the pandemic. I initially didn’t think it would turn into anything major, and it would remain a hobby.

I had a name picked out in 2 minutes (literally, it was that fast), Googled how to make a blog, how to make a website, hosting, domains, whether I needed an ABN, where to get free copyright-free photos, how to make a logo. I was utterly invested in this little passion project. And that is what it honestly was! Just something that I could use as my creative outlet and share my story with people, hoping it would resonate.

As time passed, I fell in love with it, and I quickly realised that this was turning into something incredibly special. The messages from complete strangers saying they feel less alone and the friendships I have made have made Living Abled into something that truly means the world to me.

I love nothing more than knowing that I am making a difference somehow, no matter how small, in people’s lives. And as soon as I started hearing and feeling the feedback and love Living Abled was receiving, I knew I had found my place. I had found the thing that I wanted to turn into a career.

A career of helping people, of shining a light on the darkest places of their soul that they don’t know how to work through and emerge victorious from. Helping people Live Abled in their own unique way, and celebrating that uniqueness!

I thought Law was that avenue. And to be honest, my original plan when I started studying Law in 2016 was that by age 24, I would be a well-respected lawyer with a fancy office overlooking the city and giving a voice to those who didn’t feel confident enough or couldn’t use their own.

However, that just simply wasn’t meant to be. Because at 24, I am not working in the legal industry currently, although I very much plan on still being a part of the legal space in some capacity! I just don’t exactly know what that looks like, which is okay!

But instead I think I have found something even more incredible and special that my 17 year old self could never have imagined.

At 24 years old, I am not a Lawyer…. But at 24, I am a business woman!

Yep!! Surprise!!!!!! Living Abled is essentially now a Business!!

Particularly, officially launching in early 2024 (or sooner if I get everything together!), a new era of Living Abled begins.

Welcome to….. Living Abled Life Coaching! For the past 12 almost 18 months, I have been silently working away on my Life Coaching Diploma as I felt that this was the most important way for me to help those who want something more and extraordinary with their lives.

And a way to truly help, motivate and improve the lives of those within my town and beyond.

Living Abled is now an official business…… I honestly cannot believe it!

So as of today, I am soft launching my business. What that means is I am offering free goal setting and basic life coaching to ease into the Life Coaching realm while completing the last bit of my studies. To book an appointment with me, you can use the Contact form on my website (soon to be uploaded), DM me on either Facebook or Instagram, or flick me an email at Rhi@livingabled.com.au

The only thing that I will ask in return is for feedback and a testimonial!

I honestly have so many major plans for this next chapter, which will all be revealed soon! What? I need to at least leave you guessing some what what I am up to!

Don’t worry though I am planning on documenting this journey so you can follow along with me!

So very very slowly, you will see the website begin to have a few updates and changes, to reflect Living Abled transitioning from a Blog into a full business.

Don’t worry though! The blog will still be sticking around!!! Thats not going anywhere! However, I will now be starting have posts that do chat a little about what I am learning each week, how that resonates with my life so far and how I feel that can help so many people!

I never in a million years thought that Living Abled would become something this big! But I am ready for a challenge, and ready to really get down in the trenches with all the beautiful humans who enter the Living Abled world, looking to level up in their life and become the human they have wanted to be! I can’t wait to be that Cheerleader!

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you all enough for joining me on this amazing journey so far, and supporting Living Abled. You have all had a hand in making this what it is and leading to me really wanting to expand it into more than just a passion side project.

Particular thanks goes to my Psychologist for giving me the push I needed to start something I was terrified to do. To Hayley at Animal Instincts for being in my corner and having a major hand in shaping the woman I am today, I would simply be lost without you. Angus and Dylan for giving a naive, young and all over the place 20 year old an opportunity 2 years ago to share her story on your podcast.

To Hayley Hinze for capturing the essence of what Living Abled is all about and my journey in the most amazing way for Toowoomba locals and beyond

To Chris Gillin for being my rock, and cheering me on every step of the way and offering me a shoulder to cry on or laugh on even though we have never met in person. To Amy Shinneman and your family for your gracious vulnerability, life advice, encouragement and your friendship that spans an entire ocean!

To my numerous mentors and colleagues, in the legal space and out of it, thank you for your wisdom, advice and encouragement!

To my incredible family and friends. You are one of a kind, my champions, perhaps my loudest cheerleaders. Thank you for your endless support, heart to hearts, laughs, advice, and keeping me grounded and focused!

And lastly, to you, my incredible Living Abled readers, thank you for giving me the motivation to continue to write every week in the early days, and for allowing me the pleasure of being along side you in your journey!!

So here we go!!! Bring on this new era!!!


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