2022 New Year, New Epic Goals

G’day Friends and welcome to another blog post!!!

After last weeks rather heavy blog post, we need something a little more chirpy wouldn’t you say?? I have realised that I haven’t shared with you my goals for this year!!

Goals are completely different depending on the person. Mines have completely shifted this year and I thought I would talk about my old goal setting progress, and why the goals I have this year are completely different.

Old Goal Blues

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For me, goal setting is always something I do on New Years Eve. Original I know .

I like to review the year past and then would set my goals to better what I did for the next year.

However, it never went well. Like everyone, the first week of January I was high on motivation and then the next week the motivation crumbled like a Jenga Tower.

Last year I had a light bulb moment, that the goals I would usually set were way too big and unrealistic!

They were not attainable given my disability and I was working against it not with it.

For example, my focus would be on the physical, and not the overall picture!

I was all about looks, like losing weight for example, and not how I was feeling about myself.

Don’t get me wrong, my goals have evolved and 2021 was a bit more well rounded, but only had one goal about my academics.

It wasn’t until I changed my perspective towards the back end of 2021 that I found my mojo when it came to health and overall well-being.

2022 Epic Goals

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So this year I wanted to change things up. I have learnt a lot about myself, my patterns, habits and how I deal with my disability. So I wanted my goals to be reflective of that this year, and so they much more holistic than subjective.

I am dubbing 2022 the year of holistic health. Doing things that serve mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

My goals are to please myself not others, because I have arrived at a place personally where extrinsic does not matter much to me anymore.

I am choosing to train, not workout. Training for the betterment of my health – mentally and physically- but also to help me in my equine journey. Because believe it or not, riding horses is one hell of a workout!

I am choosing to dedicate more time to stretching because my body can’t function if my contractures get worse. Even winter is not fun when your back can’t move because it is constantly jamming on you.

I am riding because it is almost like a form of meditation and gives me a sense of freedom while also providing me with a sport and sense of ownership and responsibility which I love.

Sure I am also aiming for a certain GPA with Uni this year, because the ultimate would be to get into a PHD but for that I need to become a brainiac.

All the health and fitness goals are to help me find a new love with my self, while also giving me a sense of purpose and mental clarity.

I have put a few plans in place around health and fitness which shall all be revealed very soon!

The biggest change though, is probably that my goals this year are what will work for me not against me. Like I said before, i was creating goals that weren’t physically attainable. For example, one year I said I wanted to work out 6 times a week… I had never worked out a day in my life, so to think I would do 6 days a week was a little too much.

Become a Goal Master!

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Goal setting should be about keeping momentum, not destroying it because they are too ambitious.

If you are like me, you want to achieve everything at once and when it takes too long you lose heart and fall off the bandwagon.

So my top tip is to create your main goals but then create mini goals within them to keep you motivated!

Knowing your why is also a key component. Why do you want to run that marathon, paint that artwork, write that book, go on that trip? Once your why becomes something that excites you and motivates you, you will be more likely to persevere!

Setting goals that work for your circumstances, but also push you, are always what will work best.

This year, the focus is on my health and wellbeing. Something that I have not really done, because I was worried too much about other’s and their welfare.

Over the last 2 years I have grown as a person, and this year my mental health will take more of a priority.

So whatever your goals are my friends, I hope that you smash them out of the park this year!

Rhi xo.

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